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  • Publisher: John Bowles and Son; After work: Louis Peter Boitard After work by: Louis Peter Boitard
  • London, England
  • March 7, 1757
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1962-206

The upper margin reads: "The IMPORTS of GREAT BRITAIN from FRANCE./ Humbly Address;d to the Laudable Associations of Anti-Gallicans, and the generous promoters of the British Arts & Manufactories;/ by their sincere Well-wisher, and truly devoted humble Servant, L.P. Boitard"

The lower margin reads: "Invented and Engrav'd by L.P. Boitard. EXPLANATION. Four Tackle Porters Staggering under a mighty Chest of Birth-Night Cloathes. Behind, Several emaciated high liv'd Epicures, familiarly receiving a/ French Cook, acquainting him that without his Assistance they must have Perish'd with Hunger;_A Lady of Distinction, offering the Tuition of her Son & Daughter to a cringing French Abbe, disregarding/ the Corruption of their Religion, so they do but obtain the true French Accent; her Frenchified well-bred Spouse, readily complying. The English Chaplain regretting his Lost Labours; Another Woman of Quality/ in Raptures caressing a French Female Dancer, assuring her, that her Arrival is to the Honour & Delight of England. On the front ground, a Cask overset; the Contents, French Cheeses, from Normandy being./ Raffinie, a Blackguard Boy stopping his Nostrils, greatly offended at the Haut-Gout; A Chest well cramm'd with Tippets, Muffs, Ribands, Flowers for the Hair, & other such Material Bagatelles,/ underneath, conceal'd Cambricks & Gloves; Another Chest, containing choice Beauty washes, Pomatums, l'Eau d'Hongrie, l'Eau de Luce, L'Eau de Carme, &c.&c.&c. near French Wines and Brandies./ At a Distance Landing, Swarms of Milliners, Taylors, Mantua-makers, Frisers, Tutoresses for Boarding-schools, disguis'd Jesuits, Quacks, Valet de Chambres, &c. &c. &c./ Publish'd according to Act of Parliament, March 1757, by John Bowles and Son, at the Black Horse in Cornhill, London_Price Six-pence."

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