Timeline - 1776 to 1783

1776-01-01 The Destruction of Norfolk
1776-01-10 Common Sense is Published in Philadelphia
1776-02-27 Patriots Route Loyalists at the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, North Carolina
1776-02-28 Patrick Henry Resigns His Command
1776-03-05 Patriots Take Dorchester Heights
1776-05-06 The End of the Virginia House of Burgesses
1776-05-15 Virginia Directs Congressional Delegation to Initiate Independence
1776-06-07 Richard Henry Lee Moves for Independence
1776-06-12 Virginia Convention Passes Declaration of Rights
1776-06-29 Virginia Creates a Commonwealth
1776-07-02 Congress Chooses Independence
1776-07-02 New Jersey Constitution Gives Women the Right to Vote
1776-07-04 Congress Adopts the Declaration of Independence
1776-07-09 Dunmore Driven Out of Virginia
1776-08-27 Washington Defeated at the Battle of Long Island, New York
1776-09-15 British Landing on Manhattan Forces Continental Army to Abandon New York City
1776-09-16 Washington Holds off Howe at the Battle of Harlem Heights
1776-09-22 American Spy Nathan Hale Executed
1776-10-11 Benedict Arnold Wins Strategic Victory at Battle of Valcour Island
1776-10-23 Virginia Abolishes Entail
1776-10-28 Howe Forces Washington to Fall Back After Battle of White Plains
1776-11-16 Fort Washington Falls
1776-12-19 Paine's The Crisis is Published
1776-12-26 Washington Defeats Hessians at the Battle of Trenton
1777-01-03 Washington Defeats British at the Battle of Princeton
1777-01-16 Vermont Secedes from New York
1777-07-06 British Capture Fort Ticonderoga
1777-07-20 Treaty Ends Conflict Between Virginia, North Carolina, and the Cherokee
1777-07-31 Congress Commissions Lafayette a Major General
1777-09-11 Howe Defeats Washington at the Battle of Brandywine
1777-09-26 Howe Marches into Philadelphia
1777-10-04 Howe Defeats Washington at the Battle of Germantown
1777-10-17 Burgoyne Surrenders After Defeat in Battle of Saratoga
1777-11-15 Articles of Confederation Create American Nation
1778-02-06 France Agrees to Treaty of Amity and Commerce with America
1778-06-18 British Evacuate Philadelphia
1778-06-28 Charles Lee Fails at Battle of Monmouth
1778-12-29 Savannah Falls to the British
1779-02-24 Fort Sackville Surrenders to George Rogers Clark
1779-05-08 British Raid in Virginia
1779-06-01 Thomas Jefferson Elected Governor of Virginia
1779-06-05 Virginia Moves Capital from Williamsburg to Richmond
1779-06-23 Virginia Assembly Votes to Confiscate Loyalist Property
1779-09-23 John Paul Jones defeats HMS Serapis
1780-05-12 British Capture Charleston
1780-08-16 Cornwallis Devastates Gates at the Battle of Camden
1780-12-24 American Forces Take Choté
1780-12-30 Benedict Arnold Lands in Virginia
1781-01-17 Daniel Morgan Defeats Banastre Tarleton at the Battle of Cowpens
1781-03-15 Greene Wins Strategic Victory Over Cornwallis at Battle of Guilford Court House
1781-04-18 British Take Williamsburg
1781-05-20 Cornwallis Arrives in Virginia
1781-06-04 Jefferson and Virginia Legislature Narrowly Miss Capture
1781-06-25 Cornwallis Occupies Williamsburg
1781-08-19 Washington Begins March to Yorktown
1781-09-05 French Fleet Defeats British Navy at the Battle of the Capes
1781-09-14 Washington and Rochambeau Meet Lafayette at Williamsburg
1781-10-09 The Siege of Yorktown Begins
1781-10-19 Cornwallis Surrenders
1782-02-27 Parliament Calls for End to Offensive Operations in America
1782-04-12 Rodney Defeats de Grasse at the Battle of the Saintes
1782-07-01 French Begin to Leave Williamsburg
1782-11-30 British and American Commissioners Agree to Preliminary Peace Terms
1783-04-11 Congress Proclaims an End to the War

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