Timeline - 1764 to 1775

1764-02-21 John Wilkes Found Guilty of Seditious Libel
1764-03-10 Grenville Proposes Stamp Act for America
1764-04-05 Parliament Passes Sugar Act
1764-04-19 George III Signs the Currency Act
1764-07-23 James Otis Originates American Opposition to Taxation Without Representation
1764-12-18 Virginia House of Burgesses Protests Stamp Tax
1765-02-26 Isaac Barré Calls Americans the "Sons of Liberty"
1765-03-22 Stamp Act Enacted
1765-05-15 Quartering Act Passes
1765-05-29 Patrick Henry Introduces his Stamp Act Resolves
1765-05-30 Virginia House of Burgesses pass Henry's Resolves
1765-06-08 Massachusetts Assembly Calls for Stamp Act Congress
1765-07-09 Board of Trade Declares Henry's Resolves an Attack on the Constitution
1765-07-10 Prime Minister George Grenville Resigns, Rockingham Ministry Begins
1765-08-14 Bostonians Hang Stamp Distributor in Effigy
1765-10-07 Stamp Act Congress Meets in New York
1765-10-30 Virginians force Stamp Distributor to Resign
1766-01-14 William Pitt argues that Parliament has no Authority to Tax Colonies Without their Consent
1766-01-21 Benjamin Franklin Testifies to Harmful Effect of Stamp Tax
1766-02-11 Virginia County Court Declares Stamp Act Unconstitutional
1766-02-27 115 Virginians Sign Leedstown Resolves to Protest Stamp Act
1766-03-07 Richard Bland's An Inquiry Into the Rights of the British Colonies published in Williamsburg
1766-03-18 Parliament repeals Stamp Act, passes Declaratory Act
1766-06-13 Williamsburg Celebrates Repeal of Stamp Act with Ball and General Illumination
1766-07-05 Rockingham Ministry Falls, Pitt Returns to the Government
1766-11-06 Virginia Assembly Meets, Peyton Randolph Elected Speaker of the House of Burgesses
1767-06-29 Parliament Passes Townshend Duties
1767-12-03 "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania" Begin to Appear
1767-12-05 Grafton Takes Over Government from Chatham
1768-02-11 Massachusetts Calls on Colonies to Unite in Opposition to Townshend Duties
1768-04-16 Virginia Assembly Protests Townshend Acts
1768-05-10 The St. George's Fields Massacre
1768-06-10 Violence in Boston Following Seizure of John Hancock’s Liberty
1768-07-25 Richard Henry Lee Suggests Intercolonial Committees of Correspondence
1768-10-01 British troops arrive in Boston to restore order
1768-10-14 Treaty of Hard Labor Signed with Cherokee
1768-11-15 Debate Over America in Parliament
1769-01-21 "Junius" Letters Begin to Appear in London Newspaper
1769-01-26 House of Commons Considers Massachusetts Circular Letter and 1768 Virginia Resolutions
1769-02-03 John Wilkes Expelled from Parliament, 219-136
1769-02-09 Parliament Revives Statute of Henry VIII for Transporting Criminals to England for Trial
1769-05-08 Thomas Jefferson Attend his First Session of the Virginia Assembly
1769-05-18 Virginians Adopt Non-Importation Association
1769-11-07 Virginia Governor Announces Repeal of Townshend Duties
1769-12-08 South Carolina's House of Commons Votes £1500 for John Wilkes
1769-12-13 "Homespun Ball" to Protest Townshend Duties Held in Williamsburg
1770-01-28 Grafton Ministry Falls, Lord North Becomes Prime Minister
1770-03-05 Boston "Massacre"
1770-04-12 Repeal of the Townshend Duties
1770-04-18 John Wilkes Released from Prison
1770-06-22 Virginians Craft New Non-Importation Association
1770-06-27 Virginia's House of Burgesses Asks King to Stop Parliament
1770-09-28 Mid-Atlantic Quakers Admonish Friends Who Sign Associations
1770-10-15 Virginia's Governor Dies
1770-11-26 Constitutional Controversy Between "Antilon" and "First Citizen" Ignites in Maryland
1770-12-04 Boston Jury Acquits Six Soldiers in Boston"Massacre" Verdict
1770-12-09 Privy Council Disallows Virginia Act to End Slave Trade
1770-12-19 Lord Dunmore Appointed Governor of Virginia
1771-05-16 North Carolina Regulators Crushed at Alamance Creek
1771-05-27 The "Great Fresh" Hits the Virginia Tidewater
1771-06-04 Virginia Clergy Debate Creation of American Bishop
1771-09-25 Lord Dunmore Arrives in Williamsburg
1772-06-09 The Burning of the Gaspée
1772-06-22 Somerset Case Decided in London
1772-07-10 Credit Crisis Deepens
1772-10-28 Samuel Adams Proposes Committees of Correspondence for Massachusetts Towns
1773-03-12 Virginia House of Burgesses Create Intercolonial Committee of Correspondence
1773-05-10 Parliament Passes Tea Act
1773-10-18 Philadelphia Citizens Protest Tea Act
1773-12-16 The Boston Tea Party
1774-03-31 Parliament Closes the Port of Boston
1774-04-12 Virginia Courts Close
1774-05-20 Parliament Passes Two More Coercive Acts
1774-05-24 Virginia Burgesses Protest Boston Port Bill with Day of Fasting and Prayer
1774-05-27 Virginia Calls for Continental Congress
1774-06-02 Parliament Passes Quartering Act
1774-06-22 Parliament Passes Quebec Act
1774-07-10 Dunmore's War
1774-08-01 First Virginia Convention Meets in Williamsburg
1774-09-05 First Continental Congress Meets in Philadelphia
1774-10-19 Dartmouth Orders Securing of Colonial Gunpowder
1774-11-07 Yorktown Tea Party
1774-11-30 George III Opens New Parliament with Speech on Rebellion in Massachusetts
1774-12-08 Maryland Convention Requires Militia Service
1774-12-12 "Massachusettensis" Begins Debate with "Novanglus" in Massachusetts
1775-01-18 Dartmouth Urges Governors to Prevent Second Continental Congress
1775-02-09 Parliament Declares Massachusetts in Rebellion; Adopts Lord North’s Conciliatory Proposal
1775-03-20 Second Virginia Convention Meets in Richmond
1775-03-30 Lord Dunmore Requires Magistrates to Stop Appointment of Delegates to Continental Congress
1775-03-30 George III Agrees to New England Restraining Act
1775-04-14 Gage Receives Dartmouth Letter Urging Action
1775-04-19 The Battles of Lexington and Concord
1775-04-21 Williamsburg's Gunpowder Incident
1775-05-10 The Capture of Fort Ticonderoga
1775-05-10 Second Continental Congress Convenes
1775-06-01 Virginia Assembly Considers Lord North's Conciliatory Proposal
1775-06-15 George Washington Appointed to Command the Continental Army
1775-06-17 The Battle of Bunker Hill
1775-07-08 Congress Adopts Olive Branch Petition
1775-08-23 George III Proclaims the Colonies in Open Rebellion
1775-11-07 Dunmore Signs Proclamation Offering Freedom to Slaves
1775-11-10 Germain Succeeds Dartmouth as Secretary of State for the Colonies
1775-12-09 The Battle of Great Bridge
1775-12-31 The Battle of Quebec

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