Print, Un Boucher (butcher)

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  • Artist/Maker: Martin Engelbrecht
  • Germany
  • ca. 1720
  • Hand colored black and white line engraving on laid paper
  • 1955-150,19A

Print: Un Bouiche is the butcher. He carries the products of his trade on his person as follows: 1. (around neck) Un cuir de beuf (the hide of beef). Actually in this case it is the head); 2. (in left hand) un quartier de veau (leg of veal); 3. (in right hand) un hachoir (meat hachet); 4. (hanging from waist) Eclanche de mouton (shoulder of mutton); 5. (at waist) le fusil (steel to sharpen knives); 6. (at waist) couteau dans la gaine (knife in a sheath); 7. (at waist) la masse (meat hammer); 8. (on table) suif (tallow); 9. (on table) roignons (kidneys..mispelled); 10. (on table) cotellettes de porc (pork chops); 11. (on table) boudins (black pudding); 12. (on table) de la graisse (fat).

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