Print, The Historical Painter

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  • Engraver: W. Dent
  • London, England
  • February 10, 1784
  • Black and white etching with period hand color
  • 1960-115

Attired in a seventeenth-century dress symbolic of Cromwell, Fox, whose plumed hat proclaims him a man of moderation, is painting a picture of the execution of Charles I, using his scepter for a brush and the bottom of a crown for the palette. Justice, eyes fully open to Fox's political policies, stands with sword upraised ready to strike him from behind. In her other hand, she holds a scale. A small fox sitting in one pan is outweighed by "Loyalty" in the other. A partly unsheathed sword inscribed "Commonwealth" and a book "Patriotism by C Cromwell" lie on the floor by Fox. A cat crouches beside them. On the wall hangs a painting of a standing fox presenting an Indian, America, with a document labeled "Independence."

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