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  • England
  • 1774
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-44

The lower margin contains a key which identifies each of the figures depicted.

The action takes place on a map, with the coast of North America to the right, and England to the left. In the upper left, a crestfallen Britannia tells the genius of Britain, a winged figure with a spear, that she is distressed by the conduct of her degenerate sons, the colonies. Just below her are two groups, the one to the right representing the chained ministers led by the all-powerful Lord North, dominated by the Devil. To the left are East India company merchants who complain that the American treatment of their goods, particularly the destruction of the tea at Boston and the general refusal of their goods by other colonies, is ruinous to them.

On the other shore, Indian Princess America, armed with bow and arrow and supported by her braves, protects the country. Below her a group of Tories lament the loss of their income and political influence as a result of the boycott of English goods. Top right, the Goddess of Liberty, holding her pole and liberty cap, and the winged figure of Fame discuss the ardor of Liberty's brave sons, the colonies.

Print: On the shore to the left stand Lord North with sword and chains, the Ministry, Beelzebub, a group of East India directors, the Genius of Britain, Britannia, and several cases of tea. They are separated from the other shore by a narrow strip of water representing the Atlantic Ocean. On the opposite shore appear America in the form of an Indian woman with bow and arrow, the Sons of Liberty (similarly armed), a group of disappointed citizens who wished to land tea, Captain Loring's vessel shipwrecked on Cape Cod, the ships in Boston Harbor and vessels from New York and Philadelphia seeming to be returning to England. Engraved below the picture is information referring to those pictured as follows: 8) A group of India directors proclaiming New Yorkers will follow leads of Bostonians and Philadelphians in the tea dispute; 9) The Patriotic Duke of Richmond; 7) The Chairman of the India Company disgusted because the tea plan didn't work; 6) The writer of the papers (signed Poplicola) in favor of the tea asking for a reward in serving the India Tea merchants; 5) Belzebub, the Prince of Devils whispering to K..y; 4) the infamous K..Y promising Govr. T..n will cram the tea down the throats of New Yorkers; 3) A East India director promising to establish a monopoly in America; 2) Lord B..te promising to act; 1) Lord promising to handle the business with art; 18) A group of disappointed American who were landing tea in hopes of sharing the plunder; 12) America represented by a woman asking for aid againsT being fettered; 13) the sons of liberty represented by the Indians proclaiming liberty or death; 17) Captain Lorings vessel with tea shipwrecked on Cape Cod; 14) the Goddess of Liberty addressing herself to ... 15) Fame.. on the ardour of her brave sons.

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