Map of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and part of Virginia (no title)

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  • Publisher: John Senex; Engraver: Thomas Hutchinson
  • London, England
  • 1732
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • Gift of Mrs. Anna Glen B. Vietor in memory of her husband, Alexander O. Vietor
  • 1984-43

There were two states of the first edition and one state of the second edition. This is State 2: The southern boundary of Maryland was illustrated with a dotted line and the words, "South Bounds of Maryland." The northern boundary of Maryland is also illustrated with a dotted line. The southern portion of the dotted line around Newcastle, De. was erased. "Part of Virginia" was added to the lower peninsula of the Eastern Shore, and PENSILVANIA and MARYLAND were added in the upper left. The scale of miles in the lower left was erased, although traces remain. This state was reissued in 1735, 1742, and 1760. On the reverse, the map is endorsed in manuscript "Penn & Lord Balt/The Map which is referred to./Paris."

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