Charger, Charles the First

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  • London, England
  • 1658 (dated)
  • Tin-glazed earthenware (delft)
  • 1968-104

This is one of three recorded Charles I chargers, all of which are dated after his death and during the Commonwealth period. It is also possible that this charger was produced in anticipation of Charles II's accession to the throne, since Cromwell died in 1658. The chargers are believed to have derived from an engraving of about 1640. The charger most like the engraving is the earliest of the three, dated 1653, which includes Charles's children. This is a simpler version of the one dated 1657, both of which show Charles in the mirror image of the same pose in the earlier charger. For more Charles I commemorative examples, see CWF accessions 1959-51 (a porringer) and 1979-395 (a cistern).

The London attribution for this charger is based on the subject and the early date.

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