Print, The Machine to go without the Asses

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  • England
  • 1769
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-43

The upper margin, having been trimmed off, read: "Design'd & Engrav'd for the Political Register." The bottom of the letters can be seen.

The Political Register of 1769 featured this satire. This print shows a self-propelled vehicle aptly named "Magna Charta," its wheels representing "Great Britian," "Ireland," "America," and "India." Under the guidance of George III, whose steering device is labeled "rights of my people," and Miss Liberty, carrying staff and cap, the machine passes over the crumbled bodies of Grafton, Bute, Holland, and Mansfield. Clinging to the rear for support are three male members of "The Family Compact," the kings of France and Spain and an unidentified European Nation. The angel "Fame", laurel wreath in hand, hovers above.

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