Print, Nurse for The Hess--ns

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  • Great Britain, London, England
  • 1756
  • Black and white line engraving
  • 1960-62

Print: Inscribed below print: "Nurse.-- Lulla-by Baby Bunting!/ Why come you here a hunting?/ Hess-n. To taak care of honey,/ And fatten vid Your Money./ Nurse.-- Lulla-by Baby Bunting!/ When will you leave off hunting?/ Hess-n. Ven you can geef no more e,/ And be like de Hess-ns poore e." The interior of a cottage, where a nurse, with "Hired for four years" written on her cap, is shown rocking a cradle, in which are a Hessian soldier and his horse. His belt is inscribed, "80 Crowns if I die". Warming himself by the fire is a Hessian grenadier, with his belt inscribed "30 crowns If I Die." Through the door are seen an English village, with a tavern, the "Flying Horse", a reference to Hanover, and more Hessian soldiers, with sacks filled and being filled are also seen. The sacks are inscribed, "1500 yearly", "2500 if we go". On the wall hangs a portrait of a soldier in the act of saluting.

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