Print, Changing Places;__alias FOX stinking the BADGER out of his Nest.

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  • Attributed to: James Gillray Attributed to: James Gillray
  • England
  • March 22, 1782
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-98

Lord North's ministry fell on March 20, 1782. Charles Fox became foreign secretary in the new government formed under Rockingham. Within two days, William Humphrey published this clever satire, which is firmly attributed to Gillray. A badger, North, identified by his compass head, has emerged from a cave and is sent fleeing in the direction of Tower Hill by a fox (Charles Fox) who farts "ELOQUENCE" at him, a reference to his famous oratorical ability.

On the ground near the animals are symbols of England's growing financial problems. A "Budget" bag containing soap and beer, referring to two of North's last unsuccessful tax proposals, lies open beside him. A sack, "Faro Bank," spills coins beneath Fox. His personal monetary success after establishing a gaming house noted for that pastime raised hopes that Fox might conceive of a similar profitable scheme to rescue England from fiscal problems.

Two other satiric representations add interest to the work. To the rear left stands a statue of "Janus," two-headed god of beginnings; one side shows a bearded old man (the defeated North) and the other a fox's head (Fox). At the rear right George III is hunting. However, he has been unseated over the last hurdle and is losing his crown, symbolic of the popular hope that he might be deposed.

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