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  • Attributed to: Viscount Marquis Townshend Attributed to: Viscount Marquis Townshend
  • London, England
  • May 16, 1782
  • Black and White Line Engraving with Period Hand Color
  • 1958-415

The lower margin reads: "ANTICIPATION; or, the CONTRAST to the ROYAL HUNT./ Britons fec.t/ Publish'd by W.m Wells N.o 132 (opposite Salisbury Court) Fleet Street . London"

After the surrender at Yorktown, the probable designer, Townshend, displays confidence in the new ministry and depicts England's temple of fame. The numbered figures are indentified by only the key letters of the person's name.

At the lower right Britannia holds an olive branch as she watches her temple being repaired. Although still supported by only two columns, they appear stronger, and previous enemy attempts to dislodge Gibraltar have been abandoned. The fallen column America is held up-right by (1) C--n--y (Henry Conway), a government leader and colonial supporter throughout the conflict.

The upper part of the temple has been repaired. Figures of (2) F-x (Fox), (3) B--ke (Burke), and (4) C-md-n (Camden) appear at the right window to proclaim in Latin and English their interest in peace. From the left window (9) C-rlt-n (Carleton), the new commander in chief of the British forces, shoots the cock (Spain) that is about to fall on the head of the fleeing Frenchman. New plaques representing naval leaders adorn the temple. To the rear, Britain's rejuvenated fleet is battling an enemy.

In the center (5) S--h (Sandwich), a former minister, appears as a balladeer, a familiar reference to his interest in wine, women, and song. Lord North, in the left foreground, is now a stout washerwoman, a reminder that one of his last government acts has been to tax soap in order to bolster the British economy. George III undergoes an eye examination by Lord Rockingham, an oculist who explains: --to nobler sights --the film removd which that false Gold that promisd clearer sight has bred.

In the distance (6) H---d (Hertford) laments his removal from government office while (7) S-ck--lle, the newly titled Germain, seeks a safe shelter.

In the left background, an open building labeled "Tatershalls" depicts an auction of horses and hounds. George III's "Royal Hunt" has ended and he must now concentrate on affairs of state.

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