Print, The Present State of Great Britain

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  • Engraver: J. Phillips Publisher: William Humphrey
  • London, England
  • 1779
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-73

The lower margin reads: "THE PRESENT STATE OF GREAT BRITAIN./ Pub'd by W. Humphrey N.o 227 Strand/ J. Phillips Fecit"

Standing half-asleep, John Bull, representing Great Britain, holds a pole with a liberty cap that Indian America is stealing. A Dutchman is robbing John Bull of his purse, symbolic of the trade Holland had gained while England was embroiled in wars. A Frenchman rushes toward Bull from the other side but is halted by a figure in Scottish attire. England was actively recruiting troops in Scotland at the time. However, the Scottish were reluctant to participate in the war, and are seldom pictured defending England.

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