Patrick Henry's copy of his "Resolves against the Stamp Act" [Reverse]

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  • Author: Patrick Henry
  • No date
  • SCMS1958.4

The within Resolves on [illegible] House of
Burgesses in May 1765. They formed the first Opposition
to the Stamp Act & the [illegible] taxing of America by
the British Parliament.—All the Colonys either Thro[ugh]
Fear, or want of Opportunity to form an Opposition, or
from Influence of some kind or other had remained
Silent. I had been [illegible] first [illegible] elected a Burgess a few
Days before, was young, inexperienced, unacquainted
with the Forms of the House & the Members that composed it.
Finding the men of weight averse to opposition, & the co[illegible]
[illegible] the Tax at Hand, [illegible]no person was likely to step
forth, I determined [illegible] & alone, unadvised, and unas[illegible]
[illegible] on a blank leaf of an old Law Book, wrote the [illegible]
[illegible]. Upon offering them to the House violent Debate
ensued. Many threats were uttered & much abuse cast
on me by the Party for Submission. After a long & warm
Contest the Resolutions passed by a very small majority
perhaps of one or two only.—The Alarm spread through
out America with astonishing Quickness and the ministerial
Party were overwhelmed. The great point of Resistance to british
Taxation was universally established in this Colony. This bro[ught]
on the War which finally separated the countrys & gave
Independence to ours. —Whether this will prove a Blessing or
a Curse will depend upon what our people make of the
Blessings which a gracious God hath bestowed on us.
Turn over

If they are wise, they will [illegible] happy. If they
are [illegible] of a contrary Character, they will be miserable.
Righteousness alone can [illegible]them as a Nation.—

[illegible] whoever [illegible] will remember this [illegible]
[illegible] practice Virtue thyself & encourage it
in others.

P. Henry

Resolves [written upside-down]

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