Map, "A Topographical MAP of the North.n Part/ of/ NEW YORK ISLAND,/ …"

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  • Publisher: William Faden; Cartographer: Claude Joseph Sauthier
  • London, England
  • March 1, 1777
  • Black and White Line Engraving with Period Color
  • 1985-167

Map of new York Island between the Hudson and Harlem River. The title is engraved in the upper left corner. Directly beneath is the first of two imprints, Published by Permission of the R.t Hon.ble the COMMISSIONERS of/ TRADE & PLANTATIONS. by W.M FADEN, 1777. Along the right center is a key to identifying the maneuvers. In the center beneath the lower border is London, Published as the Act directs, March 1777, by W.m Faden, Corner of S.t Martins Lane, Charing Cross

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