Chalice, Communion Chalice

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  • Artist/Maker: Johann Christopher Heyne
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • 1752-1781
  • Pewter
  • Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
  • 1982-167

Johann Christoph Heyne (1715-1781), who was trained in his native Saxony and worked in Stockholm before migrating from London to Philadelphia in 1742, had established himself by 1752 as a pewterer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A deeply and actively religious man, he produced an extraordinary body of church pewter, notable among which is a large number of chalices and flagons, many still owned by their German congregations in southeastern Pennsylvania. In their amalgam of Continental and Anglo-American elements, they constitute an important and highly personal attainment and one of the great monuments in American pewter of the colonial period. This assimilation of influences contributes to the strength and distinction not only of Heyne's work but of much American pewter as well.

This chalice and its associated flagon (accession 1982-166) have been subsequently silvered.

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