Print, Un Fourbisseur (sword cutter)

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  • Artist/Maker: Martin Engelbrecht
  • Germany
  • ca. 1720
  • Hand colored black and white line engraving on laid paper
  • 1955-150,8A

Un Fourbisseur is the sword cutler. He carries the tools and products of his trade on his person as follows: 1. (on head) 2 petits sabres (2 small sabers); 2. (on shoulder) poigness (sword hilts); 3. (right shoulder) Bouts de fourreaux (parts of sheaths); 4. (chest) platine (lock for fire arms); 5. (at waist) garde d'epees (swords for protection); 6. (at waist) une epee (sword); 7. (at waist) Couteau de Chasse (knife for hunting); 8. (at waist) limes (sharpeners); 9. (at waist) marteau (hammer); 10. (at waist) Ciseaux (scissors); 11. (at waist) Poelon (melting pan); 12. (at waist) baionnette (bayonets).

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