Print, Patriotick Barber of New York

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  • Philip Dawe, Robert Sayer
  • England
  • February 12, 1773
  • Black and white mezzotint
  • 1946-100

The interior of a barber shop is shown; a customer is half up from the barber chair, draped in a sheet, without his wig, one half of his face covered with soap. From the pocket of his coat hangs a paper inscribed Orders of Government. A man standing on the right hands him a letter inscribed "To Cap. Crozer:' the letter-carrier is raising his hat and smiling. The barber frowns and attempts to push his customer back into the chair. He holds a razor in one hand. The shop itself has many different style wigs, posters such as the Articles of Association and pictures of people, one of whom is Pitt. On the floor in the foreground are wig boxes labeled with people's names.

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