Bowl, Punch Bowl

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  • Liverpool or Lonon, England
  • 1746
  • Tin-glazed Earthenware (delft)
  • 1973-329

The exterior of this bowl is outlined in manganese and washed in blue, with two oval cartouches containing a cock mounting a hen separated by flowering sprays. On the interior, in blue, there is a cartoon bust of a Roman wearing a laurel wreath bracketed by the inscription "Long Livee The King." Two privately owned bowls, one with the same motif on the exterior, exhibit the same interior portrait. One is inscribed "No Pretender 1746," and the other "Confusion to the Pretender 1746." All were probably made to commemorate the 1746 victory over the Jacobite army at Culloden. Plates inscribed "Duke William For Ever" (CWF accession 1977-396) and "No Pretender 1745" (accession 1958-437) pertain to the same uprising.

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