Bowl, Punch Bowl

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  • Liverpool, England
  • 1750 (dated)
  • Tin-glazed Earthenware (delft)
  • 1958-264

The exterior of this punch bowl features four different ship's stern-window designs separated by fruiting grapevines. The interior contains a naturalistic scene with a gentleman in the foreground pointing toward a ship under full sail. The scene surmounts the inscription "SUCCESS TO ROGER HARRISON 1750." Although the name might refer to the ship, as is typical, it more likely connotes the man whose image dominates the illustration. Roger Harrison could have been the ship's captain or its owner. The Liverpool attribution of this bowl is based not only on the ship, but also on the glaze, the shape of the bowl, and the grapes on the exterior, which are like those found on Liverpool tiles. Most ship bowls are generally believed to have been made in Liverpool, but some are ascribed to London.

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