Print, Benjamin Franklin Satire (no title)

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  • Attributed to: James Claypoole, Jr.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1764
  • Black and White Etching
  • 1972-202

The lower margin reads: "The German bleeds & bears ye furs/ Of Quaker Lords & savage Curs/ Th' Hibernian frets with new Disaster/ And kicks to fling his broad brim'd Master/ But help at hand Resolves to hold down/ Th' Hibernian's Head or tumble all down."

A Quaker holding a band of wampum in one hand rides a Scotch-Irish "Hibernian". Around his arm is fastened a leash attached to the nose of a blindfolded German who carries an Indian on his back. Franklin stands to the left holding out a paper that reads: "Resolved/ ye Prop[riete]r/ a knave/ & tyrant/ NC D/ gov[erno]r D:o." Peeping from between his legs is a small fox, probably representing Joseph Fox, who along with Israel Pemberton was a leader in the Quaker "Friendly Association" and was often accused of supplying money secretly to the Indians. Peering out of a cave, an Indian head observes three dead figures on the ground, implying they have met their death at his hands. In the background is a village in flames.

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