Print, The Able Doctor or America Swallowing the Bitter Draught

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  • Vendor: Old Print Shop, Inc.
  • England
  • 1774
  • 1960-45

Print: America, a partly draped female figure, is being held down by Lord Mansfield in judge's wig and robes, while North, holding her by the throat pours the contents of a tea-pot down her mouth. America ejects the tea in a stream directed at North's face. From his pocket hangs a paper inscribed Boston Port Bill. Sandwich kneeld, holding America down, while he lifts the edge of her draperies and peers beneath them. Mansfield stands to the right, and behind him Bute in Scots cap and kilt, holding a drawn sword, its blade inscribed Military Law. Pistols are thrust through his belt. Behind America stands Britannia resting one hand on her shield, averted face and covering her eyes with her hand. Behind Sandwich stand 2 men dressed in French and Spanish fashi ons representing the monarchs; the order of the Golden Fleece hangs from the neck of Spain. They stand close together, pointing towards America with expressions of interest and concern. On the horizon across the ocean is a town marked "Boston Cannonaded." This print is one which the American colonists copied and used often, as in the case of Paul Revere.

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