Map, A Map of New France

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  • Artist/Maker: Herman Moll
  • London, England
  • After 1712, before 1730
  • Black and White Engraving, with Hand Coloured Boundaries
  • 1957-86

Map. Continuation of title information: "According to the Patenet granted by the King of France to Monsieur Crozat dated the 14th of September 1712, N.S. and registered in the Parliament of Paris the 24th of the same month." Shown is land from the Western Ocean (Atlantic) on the east to New Mexico Co. on the West; from northern Canada to the North, to the Gulf of Mexico to the South. An extremely detailed map of settlements, rivers, the Great Lakes and such things as fishing waters off the coast. Wording in the upper left hand corner of the map: NB You will find Florida in this Map called Louisiana; the R. Misisipi R. (six) R. St. Louis; Massacre Port & Haven of ye Isl. Dauphine; le Missiours R. R. St Phillip; Ouabach R. R St Jerom. For thus the French have altered ye Names in ye Kings Grant of those countries to Monsieur Crozat.

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