Print, The ASSES of GREAT BRITAIN, An Answer to HARRY H____D'S ASS by FART-INANDO A Modern Political Ass-trologer.

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  • Artist/Maker: John Jones
  • London, England
  • 1762
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-145A

The lower margin reads: "J. Jones delin et sculp.t/ The ASSES of GREAT BRITAIN,/ An Answer to,/ HARRY H____D'S ASS/ by FART-INANDO/ A Modern Political Ass-trologer./ Tune the Ass in the Chaplet/ [verses]/ Publish'd According to Act of Parliament by J. Williams next the Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street London."

An engraved broadside, comprising a design and verses. The design represents various asses of Great Britain. Lord Bute is mounted on the back of the saddled, bitted, and bridled British lion. A Jew sits in the stocks. The Rev. G. Whitefield sees his countenance reflected as the face of an ass in the mirror he holds. A spectator admires 3 Cherokee Indian chiefs who have arrived in London, June 18, 1762, and were the subjects of much talk at this time, as they were presented at court. Sir john Fielding, though blind, is using a telescope. Mr. Henry Howard, the author of "The Queen's Ass" is kicked over by the zebra, the animal being the subject of this ballad. In the background the Rev. C. Churchill, with an uplifted cudgel, is driving out Tobias Smoll ett, editor of "The Briton" and one of Lord Bute's clientele, and Murphy, who represented "The Auditor." See file for verse.

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