Map, "THE/ PROVINCE of NEW JERSEY,/ Divided into/ EAST and WEST,/ commonly called/ THE JERSEYS"

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  • After Work By: Bernard Ratzer and Gerard Bancker; Cartographer and Engraver: William Faden
  • London, England
  • 1777
  • Black and White Line Engraving with Minimal Period Color
  • 1986-121

A rural scene with a farmhouse and trees with raccoons in the foreground surrounds the title in the upper left corner. Beneath is "Engraved & Published by W.M FADEN, Charing Cross,/ December 1777." An inscription below the engraver's imprint reads "This Map has been drawn from the Survey/ made in 1769 by order of the Commissioners/ appointed to settle the partition Line between/ the Provinces of New York & New Jersey by/ Bernard Ratzer, Lieut.t in the Reg.t and/ from another large Survey of the Northern/ Parts in the possession of the Earl of Dunmore/ by Gerard Banker. The whole regulated and/ ascertained by Astronomical Observations." In the lower right corner are ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS, longitude and latitude readings for five locations in America.

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