Map, "A New MAP of the North Parts of/ AMERICA claimed by FRANCE/ under ye Names of LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPI, CANADA and/ NEW FRANCE with ye Adjoyning Territories of ENGLAND and SPAIN"

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  • Publisher: Herman Moll Cartographer: Herman Moll Engraver: Herman Moll
  • London, England
  • 1720
  • Black and White Line Engraving with Period Outline Color
  • 1967-17

Two years after French mapmaker Guillaume Delisle published CARTE DE LA LOUISIANE ET DU COURS DU MISSISSIPI that significantly reduced the western boundaries of the British colonies along the East Coast, Herman Moll issued A New MAP of the North Parts of AMERICA claimed by FRANCE, directly challenging Delisle's boundary lines. French encroachment of territories inhabited by the Iroquois and Cherokees, tribes with which the English had traded for years, posed a real threat to the economy and security of the region. Moll explained on his map:

"The French Divisions are inserted on purpose, that those Noblemen, Gentlemen, Merchants &c. who are interested in our Plantations in those Parts, may observe whether they agree with their Proprieties, or do not justly deserve y.e Name of Incroachments."

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