Print, The Ever-Memorable Peace-Makers Settling Their Accounts

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  • England
  • 1769
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-42

Seated at a table debating the affair are three leaders involved in the Peace of Paris. With the Devil as an accomplice, fox-headed Lord Holland (Henry Fox), sits behind a book labled "Un-ac[counte].d Millions." The duke of Bedford contemplates four scrolls representing the "West Indies.", "North America.", Manillas.", and "Neg. 150,000." The earl of Bute, in the middle, places one hand on the tip of a pen held by Holland in a symbolic gesture of support.

The scene is in an interior of a room. The Devil holds ink for Lord Holland's use and a beheading axe; a goose is slung over the shoulder of Lord Holland. From under the table emerges a dog looking at the Duke.

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