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  • Attributed to: Benjamin Wilson
  • Great Britian, England
  • March 18, 1766
  • Black and white line engraving and etching
  • 1960-37

A funeral procession composed of supporters of the Stamp Act carry a small coffin containing the remains of the bill toward an open vault, appropriately adjourned with two skulls. It has been prepared for the internment of all unjust acts that would alienate Englishmen. Leading the cortege and preparing to deliver the funeral eulogy is the Reverend W. Scott, who is followed by the mourners: George Grenville, carrying the coffin, Lord Bute, Bedford, and Temple. By setting the action on the dock, Wilson is able to depict the large unshipped cargoes destined for America that accumulated during the period when the act was in force. Ships labeled "Conway," "Rockingham," and "Grafton" that represent Whig leaders responsible for the repeal of the bill now stand ready to carry goods. Stamps just returned from America are stacked on the warf. One crate contains the statue of William Pitt, another English leader responsible for the repeal.

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